Bring people together to inspire and invest in humanity

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Humanitix team making food at OzHarvest

More than a job

The work we do at Humanitix is inspired by the effective altruism movement, which starts with the question: “How can we use our resources to help others the most?” We all want to make a difference, but sometimes the things we’re best at are growth marketing, or writing really amazing code, or creating incredible events. Humanitix is a place to apply our unique skills to build an incredible events platform, but also to do the most good with the expertise we have.

Office desks

Own your sh*t. We don't micromanage.

Have you ever wished your boss would just.. go away? At Humanitix, we don’t have bosses. We have supportive teammates, total transparency, and 100% accountability to make decisions, move fast and get things done.

Our Values

Show up

We go all-in for our customers and for each other because we care about what we do. It also doesn't hurt to say “I love you”. Try it.

Be bold

Think for yourself, say what you believe, and have the curiosity and courage to lead us further forward into new territory. Let's go.

Keep it weird

We celebrate humanity, thrive on individuality, and love all the ways we are different. Bring your true self to work* and be inclusive, open, and transparent.
*Shoes optional.

The world is not screwed

Yep, it can be a lot better, but there's no future in giving up. We create a better world by choosing positivity, investing in humanity, and forging pathways to progress. Be humane.

Live your best life

  • Competitive salary
  • Work/life balance
  • Healthy food and snacks
  • Professional autonomy

We're a friendly and supportive team on a mission to bring people to gether to inspire and invest in humanity.

We also love a good joke.

Our friendly team on a retreat in Byron bay

Our locations

We're headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Globally we have over 28 employees spread across our offices around the world.






New Zealand




Open. Bold. Weird.

Our team on business dress up day
Georgia our first NZ CEO and now board member
Our team on business dress up day relaxing
Adam and Josh

About Humanitix

Founders Adam McCurdie and Joshua Ross came together to transform the billions of dollars in booking fees into projects to close the education gap around the world.

Soon after launching, the organisation was funded by the Atlassian Foundation and NSW Government. In 2018, Humanitix won the Google Impact Challenge and is now doubling in size every 6 months.

You picking up what we're putting down?

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