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 Changing the world one ticket at a time

In August 2016, we launched Humanitix, a social enterprise ticketing platform. The idea is simple: we donate all profits to a partner charity chosen by the event organiser. There are no strings attached.

Humanitix is a charity which partners and works with some of the most impressive charities in Australia, with a focus on relieving poverty, suffering & distress. We stay out of politics and religion. 

We provide event organisers with the opportunity to give a meaningful donation to a great cause at no extra cost. For every event, we guarantee at least 30% of our total fees are donated to the nominated charity. The process is simple and transparent.  

Co-Founders of Humanitix

Adam McCurdie

Joshua Ross

Adam studied engineering and maths at UNSW before working at Accenture in management consulting. Adam left Accenture to teach at Sydney University Business School while doing a Masters in Horticulture Technology. At Sydney University Adam began his involvement as a director of Ripple Capital – a social enterprise helping refugees create businesses in NSW.

Josh studied finance and accounting at Macquarie University. He joined Watermark Funds Management in early 2010 as the third employee in the investment team. He consistently remained one of the top performers over 7 years, helping to establish Watermark as one of Australia’s leading hedge funds. Josh Ross is a CFA® charterholder.

Josh and Adam have been best friends for over a decade. They have volunteered for a range of organisations, sharing a passion for health, environment, education and indigenous affairs. Together, they recognise the exciting potential for technological disruption to play a role in philanthropy.

After volunteering two years of their time to get Humanitix off the ground, there is now a broad team working with Humanitix, with considerable support from some of Australia’s largest philanthropists.

From here on the sky is the limit. The events ticketing industry generates billions in fees! Imagine if we converted the booking fees into ongoing sustainable funding for the causes we all care about.

Our goal is to provide a better service, at a better price, whilst donating profits to charity.

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