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Fascia & The Science of the Soul

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Date and Time

December 5, 2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Event Date and Time


Be Still and Chill Wellness and Health Centre
Suite 206, 658 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale
Sydney, NSW2100 Australia

Event Info:

Fascia – Energy Medicine Presentation – Dimensional Healing

Fascia has been coined by Neuro Scientists “the pathway of consciousness in the body”. This will be explained in a 2–part presentation followed by a Dimensional Healing using sound, crystals and plants.

Introduction – Group resonance and Sound Circle

Part 1: Fascia + Energy Medicine
– What is Fascia: Form and function
– What causes stagnation in the Fascia: physical and mental
– The intelligent cell & the crystal matrix of the body
– Water consciousness & Elemental communication
– Harmonic Resonance: our intrinsic connection to the field of energy we live, breath, and create within.

Part 2: The Vibrational Universe + Higher Consciousness
This will be a discussion about Higher Consciousness, how we can all connect to these exquisite energies and inter-dimensional beings. The importance of energetic hygiene, how to perform your own clearings and how to shield yourself.
We all have a Universe within ourselves as well and we can expand this consciousness to our outer world.

Dimensional Healing
For those who wish to stay at the end, Deniz would like to ʻupgradeʼ and empower everybody through a Dimensional-Healing group session. She will ask all HigherSelfs to merge with the participants, so their intuition and gut feeling can be clearer and stronger. There will be shielding and protection throughout the whole process.


This is a very grounded, practical inside tour of the inseparable links between body, mind and soul and the practical application of energy medicine. Based on a foundation of science and diving deep into the mechanics and ethereal workings of our vibrational world.

It’s not new knowledge, but it’s becoming more common place and accepted as scientists like Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, are speaking openly and validating what our indigenous cultures and ancient healers have practiced for eons… that everything is energy.

We are vibrational beings who effect the field of energy around us as much as it effects us physically and emotionally. We are more powerful in our ability to self-heal and co-create our world than we have ever been allowed to believe.

We look forward to sharing with some more curious humans!!

Warm appreciation
Deniz + Elisha (Bio’s below)


Deniz Akan Bio:

Deniz is a therapist and facilitator with over fourteen years experience in alternative healing and teaching.
She offers personal treatments, group healing’s, remote healing, workshops, as well as property and business clearings.
Deniz works with a variety of modalities configured into Dimensional-Healing.
In a treatment Deniz includes crystals and gemstones, sound and vibrational healing and shamanic healing; she connects to celestial bodies, sacred geometry and interdimensional beings.

Elisha Xantaya Bio:

Elisha is the Founder of Xantaya Healing focused on pathways of reconnection through healing, community connection and creative projects. She is an Intuitive Healer using the foundations of Bowen Therapy and Energy Healing to realign, heal and rebalance the whole person. Utilising Bowen Therapy, Journey Work, Energy Alignment, Reiki, Sound and Guided Meditation, Elisha uses a balance of science and intuition to offer a reset for body, mind and spirit.

Her foundational education is the Specialised Diploma of Bowen Therapy and she is an accredited member of the Bowen Association of Australia. Elisha draws on her life journey of learning to understand the complex and energetic world that has been her teacher and guide since she was child. As an empath and a curious human her techniques have developed through a combination of experience, research and science. Elisha works with the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies in the aim of bringing the individual into connection and alignment with their own path of purpose and inner wisdom.

She also offers mindfulness coaching, energetic clearing for spaces and groups and workshops.

“Experience the powerful healing intelligence of the body in alignment with Being”

Enquiries For Fascia & The Science of the Soul:

Elisha Xantaya
0449 603 283


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