Whether you’re an Event Organiser, a ticket  buyer, or a someone who is just interested. If the answer to your question can’t be found here please email us at info@humanitix.com

For Event Organisers

Can I create discount codes and promotional tickets?

Yes, and we handle this all for you! You can create multiple discount codes. You can also create promotional tickets such as early-birds and first releases which expire after a certain date or when a capacity of tickets are sold.

To create your discount codes, simply email discountcodes@humanitix.com with your requirements.

How to Create Custom Questions for Attendees?

We want you to sell the types of tickets that best suits your event, so our platform allows you to generate a range of ticket types, for example early birds, tables of ten, final release and donations.

By default we collect the buyer’s name, email, mobile and address. If you would like to capture information for each attendee you can easily add fields such as name, dietary requirements, etc whilst creating your event. To do this, simply go to the Ticket Holder Information section when creating a ticket and click Add attendee information field. This additional information will automatically be included in your sales reports.

When do I receive the revenue from my ticket sales?

Humanitix will transfer the owed ticket revenue to your nominated account within 5 days business days after your event’s completion. If you require early access to your ticket proceeds please contact earlypayment@humanitix.com to discuss your requirements.

My event has finished and I haven’t yet received my funds?

Humanitix will transfer the funds from all ticket sales to you within 5 business days after the completion of your event. Please check you correctly entered your bank account details. If you have not received your funds after 5 business day, please email accounts@humanitix.com and a Humanitix team member will immediately attend to the issue.

Can I check-in patrons on a mobile app?

Yes, simply download the free Humanitix app by searching Humanitix in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android. Our app is super simple to use, and is designed to make check-in at events seamless and secure.

Humanitix tickets have unique QR codes which can be printed or displayed on a mobile device for scanning with the Humanitix app. Alternatively, patrons can be manually checked in using the Attendees Report. Simply search the report for the customer’s ticket and click check in. You can also undo any check in using the attendees report.

Our app is designed to work across multiple event check-points so patrons cannot enter with the same ticket twice. This allows you to have multiple event staff simultaneously checking in guests at different entry points.

How do I create an Event?

Step 1: Sign up and create an account on the homepage

Step 2: Verify your account by email (check your junk folder)

Step 3: Click on Create Event and enter your event details.

Step 4: Save your event and review your ticket page.

Step 5: Share your event by copy/pasting the event page URL, or using the social media share buttons on the ticketing page.

Why Use Humanitix?

Aside from Humanitix making the ticketing for your event easy, with a range of market-leading features, we also give your event a marketable charitable element.

Our aim is to turn every event into an opportunity for philanthropy at no extra cost to you or your patrons. We encourage the event organiser to utilise the marketing opportunity from our donation. It’s why we also let you choose the Partner Charity, as you best know your audience and should choose the most relevant charity for yourself and your patrons.

So make the most of it, let your patrons know each of their paid tickets contributed to a great cause!

What about GST?

If applicable, GST is always included in the ticket price.

If you select “Registered for GST”, then remember to account for GST when setting your prices. A tax invoice will be sent to the patron upon their purchase of a ticket, including a break-down with the GST component of the ticket price.

If you select “No GST” than a receipt will be sent to the patron for their ticket purchase which will illustrate that there is no GST in the base ticket price.

With respect to Humanitix booking & payment fees, prices are always quoted inclusive of GST.

Can I use Humanitix for a webinar?

Yes, when setting your venue location put it as ‘online’, and make sure to let your attendees know that you will email them a webinar link prior to the event. This is best done in the event description.

Can I use Humanitix to sell raffle tickets?

Yes – simply create a ticket type ‘raffle ticket’ to sell alongside your other tickets. Download the Attendees Report with ticket numbers and ticket holder names, you can even print this out, cut it up, and place it in the drawing container!

For patrons/attendees

How do I receive my ticket?

You will receive an email with the tickets in the body of the email. Please be sure to check your junk folder.

What about refunds?

Refunds relating to events are handled solely by the Event Organiser who creates and manages their event on Humanitix. Humanitix lets event organisers set their own refund policies. The organiser can elect to list their refund policy within the event details, the confirmation email or the ticket. The Humanitix booking & payment fees are non-refundable.

Purchasing ticket from a 3rd Party, how do I check if it’s real?

Humanitix does not support tickets purchased via other websites or retailers. It is at your own risk that you trust any ticket not purchased directly from Humanitix.

Can I forward my ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can forward one or all of your tickets to any email/phone. However the Humanitix scanning app ensures that each ticket barcode can be used only once.

What happens if I accidentally lose/change/delete my ticket?

Tickets can be reissued to the ticket purchaser only, and we recommend you contact the event organiser directly ahead of the event day to do this. The tickets will be re-sent to the original email address.

What happens if I forget my phone or my battery dies at the venue?

You will need some form of valid ID so that the staff can access your details through the Humanitix check-in app/system.


What is Humanitix?

Humanitix is an Australian social enterprise providing an intuitive and easy to use ticketing platform for events. Humanitix is unique in allowing the event organiser to allocate the profit from Humanitix fees to a Partner Charity of their choice, event by event.

Humanitix aims to turn every event into an opportunity for philanthropy, giving back to Australia one ticket at a time.

Who benefits from Humanitix?

OzHarvest, Variety Children’s Charity, Madalah… to name a few. Our partner charities, with which we fund specific projects, are the largest beneficiaries of Humanitix.

There are no shareholders receiving dividends from Humanitix, this is a purely philanthropic enterprise, which is backed by some of Australia’s largest foundations and philanthropists.

We are proud to pay our full-time staff and cover the general costs of running a ticketing platform, whilst simultaneously funding as many charitable projects as possible.

How much goes to charity?

100% of our profits go to charity. Based on our advertised Pricing Schedule, Humanitix can currently donate 30% of all fees from your event to a Partner Charity of your choice. To clarify, this is not an extra charge, this is Humanitix donating its profits to a charity of your choice!

What do you look for when assessing a new charity?

We partner and work with some of the most impressive charities in Australia, with a focus on relieving poverty, suffering & distress. We stay out of politics and religion. We provide a broad range of partner charities addressing benevolent causes for society, and believe all people should be able to find an agreeable cause within our Partner Charities.

For Humanitix to donate to a charity it must be on the Humanitix approved list. This ensures our donations go to credible organisations which satisfy the Humanitix constitution.

Criteria for being an approved charity:

  •       Deductable Gift Receipt (DGR) status: We require that the nominated charity have DGR status, please check this before nominating the charity. Without DGR status Humanitix will not consider your nomination.
  •       Address one or more of the following charitable objects from the Humanitix constitution:
    The principal object for which the Company is established is the relief of poverty and distress including sickness, disability, destitution suffering misfortune or helplessness.
  •       The nominated charity must sign and return the Humanitix undertaking to spend all Humanitix donations directly on addressing the Humanitix charitable objects.
  •       The nominated charity must be non-political and non-religious.

If your charity matches all our criteria, please email charityapplication@humanitix.com.au with your proposal.

With respect to approving your nominated charity, we ask that you please appreciate the administrative burden on Humanitix required to research and approve each nominated charity. Whilst we will do our best to respond to your individual application, we retain the right to reject any application without explanation. As such when setting up your event we ask that you choose a default charity from our approved list which will receive any donations from your events if your nomination is rejected.

If you are a charity but not a Partner Charity please see our discount for non-for-profits.

Can I elect a charity that’s not a partner?

Possibly, however the charity must first be approved by Humanitix.

As the approval process can take time, we ask that you simultaneously elect an existing partner charity, which will receive the donation if your proposed charity is unsuccessful.

Please consider that whilst Humanitix may have approved your proposed charity, many charities have their own vetting process for Humanitix which can take several months.

We also ask that you consider our challenge of vetting hundreds of charities, it is a large administrative task that requires a significant amount of time, we have to manage the risks and avoid being associated with or donating our profits to fraudulent or deceptive organisations.

How does my charity become a partner of Humanitix?

Once a year in July we review our partner charity list, which Humanitix actively promotes and work with to deliver particular projects. Partnership means your charity is featured on the homepage of our website, so it is front of mind for event organisers to choose. The Humanitix board considers a range of qualitative and quantitative factors when deciding which charities are featured as partners on the homepage, including which of the approved charities is doing the most to promote and support Humanitix.